Matera 2019

Roots anchor us to the land, they make us safe and stable, a place we can grow in.  The Basilicata Roots Festival will take place from 29th March to 31st March in Brienza, and will be a tribute to one  of its most famous citizens, Francesco Mario Pagano, known as 'the Plato of Naples', who played an important role in the Italian Enlightenment period and in Neapolitan politics. He was a historic and versatile figure, a legislator, a man of letters, and of culture, and a martyr for freedom.

The event comprises three sections, three different and complementary cultural aspects, based on music, encounter and sharing. 'Brienza becomes history' will see residents, high school and university students and some of the most important writers in Basilicata share their opinions, while the 'Opera and Theatre' section will be designed and led by local musicians and end with a performance of Mozart’s 'The Marriage of Figaro'. The 'Tour of the best locations in Brienza, from Pagano to Caracciolo' will be an emotional itinerary and an in-depth cultural analysis of the real Brienza.

Co-produced by

Municipality of Brienza for Capital for one day