Matera 2019

To enjoy the magic of Senise you have to go back in time. Starting from the 16th century, the village was a great cultural and artistic centre, with intellectuals and visionary artists. Senise 2019 wants to take us back to that world, by reading their works in a contemporary way. It will be a three-day journey through poetry and music, panting and jewellery, literature and theatre.

The first stop will be a visit to the precious 'Senise Gold', Lombard jewels housed in the Archeological Museum in Naples, with new technologies and multimedia which will enable visitors to view the treasure in 3D.

The visit will continue in the small church of St. Francis of Assisi to admire, among other works, the polyptich by Simone da Firenze and the newly restored frescoes. There will be music, a narrator and evocations of the past, which will tell the story of Senise.

A play that rediscovers poems by Nicola Sole – an exponent of 19th century romantic literature will be put on, and a concert in which Sole’s poem  'The Poet’s Prayer' will be performed with music by Giuseppe Verdi.

Prepare to take along journey back in time, in the old streets of Senise, to discover Art in all its forms.

Realized in co-production by
Municipality of Senise

for Capital for one day