Matera 2019

The ideal crest for Montescaglioso should have three symbols: an image of the Madonna, the plume of the Bersaglieri and a horse. Incredibly, Montescaglioso’s residents have managed to run an event that includes all three elements. Let’s take a step backwards: the people in the village find out that Matera will host the 67th national Bersaglieri rally on 19th May 2019, with the invitation to host a brass band.

The town accepts, to support Matera and to pay tribute to the shrine at the top of Monte Vetere of the Madonna del Buon Cammino, the Bersaglieri’s patron saint, venerated by all the residents. Montescaglioso will not only host the fanfare, but also organise a two-day event. The event on 17th May consists of a parade on horseback, which will cross the town in a tribute to an ancient equestrian tradition, and will go to the top of Monte Vetere. There will be a prayer for the Madonna del Cammino, a floral gift and a crimson vessel, the colour of the Bersaglieri. The event will end on 18th May, when the brass band will perform around the city, ending in a great concert in the main square.

Realized in coproduction by
Comune di Montescaglioso for Capital for one day

Project Partners:

Ass. Cult. L'amico del Cavallo
Pro Loco Matarazzo - Montescaglioso
CooperAttiva SOC. COOP