Matera 2019

There is an unwritten rule at Stigliano: failure and disappointment exist, but the important thing is how to face them. Dignity and resilience, not by chance, are two characteristics that identify the inhabitants of the place and who, during the candidacy of the Matera 2019 - Capital for a day project, will be honoured by remembering one of Stigliano’s most illustrious citizens: Jimmy Savo.

Born in the area but successful in America during the early 1900s, Savo was a small but great man: small in stature, great because of his cinema, theatre and music talents. Charlie Chaplin defined him as the greatest pantomime in the world, but Savo did not become big headed. His father had taught him a motto: I bow to the stones. That motto now lives again in all the inhabitants of Stigliano, who through the figure of Jimmy Savo want to recall a tough past, and who want to exceed the difficulties so they can fight for their own place without ever forgetting their own humility.

Realized in co-production by
Municipality of Stigliano

for Capital for one day