Matera 2019

People coming, people going. People also deciding to stay in Basilicata, where others are leaving in large numbers and a land left by itself. 'Storylines | The Lucanian Ways' is dedicated to these people. The project, presented by the Youth Europe Service, consists of the docufilm 'I’m going where I come from', written by Luigi Vitelli with the scientific consultant by Vito Teti and directed by Nicola Ragone, and a video exhibition.

The beating heart of 'Storylines' is its stories. Stories of life, stories of people from Lucania who emigrated in search of a better life, stories of those who chose to stay and struggle on, stories of choices and separations, stories that cross over. The film and video exhibition put the jigsaw back together again and narrate the experiences of these two communities in an attempt to reunite them, and to find common ground.

The project will be accompanied by a participative storytelling workshop, to aid reflection and examine the causes and consequences of deserting the land, of depopulation, a phenomenon that has affected 101 of the 131 villages in Basilicata in a trend spreading throughout Italy. To seek a new destiny, a new identity for these historic places that risk disappearing, no longer with anything to tell anyone about.



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Project Partners:

Mediterraneo Cinematografica, Italy

Simbdea, Italy

Bitmovies srl, Italy

Allelammie, Italy


Nicola Ragone, Italy
Vito Teti, Italy
Gianpiero Perri, Italy
John Giorno, Aliano/New York
Claudia Durastanti, Gallicchio/London
Francesco Scavetta, Garaguso/Tanum (Sweden)
Franco Arminio, Italy
Guendalina Salini, Italy
Eufemia Mascolo, Italy
Helene Stapinsky, USA

Supported by BCC Basilicata

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