Matera 2019

The band plays in Ferrandina!

The borough reunites with the lasting tradition of street music and studies the staging of a travelling show through the town’s streets, recalling the past and celebrating the region’s future. The band is the symbol of a playful community where everybody can find their own place and can create a collective composition. A solemn provocation, an invitation to sing, a laic procession drawing the visitors’ attentions. Besides the music, there will be artists and performers who will color the town centre’s  alleyways, involving people in atmosphere that harks back to the old days.

Street art is a real expression of gift-giving and surprises, almost as if to say: 'pass by here, something nice will happen to you'.

This is how Ferrandina will open its doors to 2019.                       

Realized in co-production by
Municipality of Ferrandina
for Capital for one day