Matera 2019

'Here and together' will enliven Accettura by showing that values such as identity and migration can perfectly coexist.

The journey will start from the archaeological site of Tempa Cortaglia, where archaeology teachers and students will map out and analyse the area.

By studying and sharing the story of Accettura, especially with the people who left the town to follow their dreams, children will learn the stories told in dialect and in foreign languages.

Languages  such as English, French or German, spoken by people who moved from Accettura to Europe to teach languages and that have now returned to relay their experiences. A team of immigrant artists will expose their works all around the town and will help middle school students to complete their own work.

The event continues in the spirit of art and culture: one of the most famous street artists will be asked to enhance the steps that lead to the town, with a mural. Tours in Accettura’s places of worship will take place for the whole afternoon.

Later on, visitors can attend the show created by actor and director Francesco Siggillino, describing Accettura during the feudal period. A video mapping project about the Slovenian painter Lojze Spacal, confined in Accettura during the Fascist period, is followed by a collective dinner organised by local people, bridging the gap between past and future in order to rewrite Accettura’s story.

Realized in co-production by
Municipality of Accettura
for Capital for one day