Matera 2019

Sometimes it takes more than just a quick glance to connect the sky to the ground. In nature there exists an elegant, almost magical, example which shows us that it is possible to live in the space between the ground and the objects extending from it, be that a tree, plant, flower or any other natural structure: a spider’s web.

The astonishing way in which these little creatures connect worlds, join distances and live in the air, using such precision, art and an unparalleled light touch, forms the basis of Tomàs Saraceno’s research for his ‘Tuning Gravity’s Strings’ project. The Argentinian artist, architect and performer will create an aerial installation inspired by the land, where visitors will encounter a structure that incorporates natural shapes and footholds, just like a spider web.

The piece will allow visitors to look beyond the physical and mental limits of the way we move through space, connecting man with nature in a completely new way, and propelling the whole community into the future.


Tomàs Saraceno, Argentina