Matera 2019

Those who say that it is impossible to travel in time have never been to Moliterno Castle.

Think about what could happen if you combined the Middle Ages and new technologies to see the original rooms of a castle thanks to a  3D reconstruction, to scan a QR code and to be catapulted amongst fire-eaters and jugglers. You can find out when the Moliterno Castle comes back to life, allowing the visitors to enter a magical ancient atmosphere.

Actors, music, medieval poems, torches, banners will be mixed with digital instruments: a series of static and dynamic illustrations  produced by sophisticated 3D technology and matte painting will recreate the original castle’s locations, in order to allow the visitors to imagine how the rooms once were. All technologies which would have surprised the Normans, the Swabians and all the dynasties who lived the castle, and will show how some places we consider extinct and uninhabited are still full of history.

Co-produced by
Municipality of Moliterno
for Capital for one day

Project Partners:

Ass. Cult. "Il Rondello"
Pro Loco Campus Moliterno