Matera 2019

Sharing information on public and private networks, making purchases and investments safely and without intermediaries, protecting data confidentiality, preventing forgery.

Will blockchain, the new technology initially tied to bitcoins and transactions using digital currency, applicable to many sectors and destined to change the concept of network, access to information and computer safety, become widespread in the near future?

This subject will be discussed during “Block Lab” with the most authoritative blockchain experts, who will try to explain how the complex architecture of blocks works and why many call it revolutionary.

The event will be an occasion to develop a network of ideas among different teams of students from the local high schools, invited to elaborate a project on blockchain with the support of a tutor.

Workshops, conferences and lessons will be concentrated into a single day, which will end with the project pitches, presented by the teams of students, and the presentation of a prize to the most innovative project.

Co-produced by
Municipality of Viggiano
for Capital for one day

Project Partners:

Brox srl