Matera 2019

Nature Culture Science And Technology Between Future And Past

This year in Basilicata every town can become the protagonist of culture thanks to the 'Matera 2019 Capital for a Day' initiative. The aim of the project is to create a network that encourages a dialogue between the participating towns, a digital platform where ideas and projects can be shared.

The main theme will be the stories of the villages, the nature, and the tradition that surrounds them. LUCANIATTIVA will create a constellation of communities between the polar star Matera and other towns in Basilicata. In San Fele and Castelgrande experts will guide visitors through the rivers, the falls and the mills in order to get closer to the theme of water. The exploration will continue in the archaeological sites of Filiano, discovering cave paintings. During the patron saint ceremony, Vieste will host a fantastic street art event, an occasion to celebrate the twinning with a Swiss town, telling stories about immigration. While in Ruvo del Monte we can listen to the unprecedented words by Salvatore Lombino, a local crime writer who made his fortune abroad. The visit will continue in the TOPPO observatory, in Castelgrande, where an international convention of astrophysics will take place.

Realized in co-production by
Municipalities of San Fele | Castelgrande | Filiano | Pescopagano | Ruvo del Monte | Vietri di Potenza
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