Matera 2019

Neighbourhood, community, socio-cultural models are a (role-playing) game. Matera 2019 will host a L.A.R.P. (live action role playing) even and different urban games in an artistic and creative context dedicated to the importance of involvement and enhancement of social capital.

The goal is to use gaming and storytelling techniques to tackle socially relevant issues and for them to be enhanced on a large scale.

Patrons will take part in a real festival of live games - Matera stage of the n-Stories festival - in which they will play a role within the story and will then be invited to improvise and recreate scenes of social life, also designed to inject some fun into responsible tourism issues.

The activities organised as part of the Heritage Games programme, conceived by the Il Vagabondo association in line with the Open Future theme, link past and future, retracing in the neighbourhood dynamics the opportunity to compare old practices with current life models that can also influence the European culture of the coming years.



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Project Partners:

Mythonaut, Finland
Partecipation design agency, Denmark
Epochè, Italy
Scuola del viaggio, Italy
Fatti d'arte, Italy
Tou.Play, Italy
Giallo Sassi, Italy
Teatro PAT, Italy


Mike Pohjola, Finland

Bjarke Pedersen, Denmark