Matera 2019

Antonio Elettrico is an architect, active in the fields of design and architecture. He obtained a degree cum laude in architecture at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. In 2004 he participated in the international urban design workshop: “Anàlisis e intervenciòn en el Boulevard Parque de Genil” held in Granada, Spain.
He subsequently worked as freelancer in architecture studios, specializing in architectural design of residential and commercial areas, dealing with national and international customers (Russia, Montenegro).
In 2009 starts his own activity as self-employed architect and designer, specializing in interior design and product design. His work emphasizes the role of research, innovation and prototyping in the field of design.
In 2010 is officially involved in a Workshop organized by the PoliMi "M / I / M / Design District" in which he designed a contemporary chairs realized and exhibited in the "Il Super-Comfort / Disaggivoli Ozii" exhibition in collaboration with the Milan Triennale.
His approach to architectural design seen as a place where different discipline meet together, a place to experiment, to be creative and innovative, leads him to partecipate in a different cultural and innovative projects with various subjects at national and international level (RENA, UnMonastery, Open Design School, I-DEA).