Matera 2019

Alessandro Ottenga graduated in International and EU Law at the University of Turin, Faculty of Law.

He is the director of ago Ltd, a company set up in 2016 and specializing in providing integrated consulting services involving specific expertise in project management, Euro planning, fundraising and technical assistance in the administrative, financial and legislative fields. As a project manager he is an expert in cultural management, in particular in project design, project direction, production and production supervision, audience development and engagement, process monitoring and evaluation. He is also experienced in designing, coordinating and managing projects included in the framework of the main European - as well as national and regional - planning initiatives such as Creative Europe, Horizon 2020, ESF and Obiettivo Cooperazione. Moreover, he is an expert in planning, setting up and developing strategies to foster local development especially by using methods that promote cooperation and bottom-up processes.

Since 2008 he has designed, organized and coordinated cultural projects and events focusing on visuals, i.e.  photography, video, cinema and visual arts in general. Since 2010, he has been teaching “Cultural Project Management” in schools and training programmes focusing on photography and visuals.