The first step has been taken. A very quick Roman go&see, with the fear of going mad because of 42°C temperature, and literally going crazy with Emmanuel and Didier Gallot-Lavallée(the theatre equivalent to the Lumière brothers), but let’s go in order.

Towards the end of April the Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation, in order to accomplish the cultural programme that determined the selection of Matera, posted a call to select suitable "project leaders" to develop the contents of the bid book.

Our company was selected along with 31 organisations dealing in various ways of dissemination and cultural production.

We await between October and November a further selection based on the quality and cohesion of the executive project, result of the co-production carried out in July and September with the team of the Foundation including cultural manager Ariane Bieou, Agostino Riitanoand Ida Leone.

One of the first actions proposed by the Foundation was exactly this go&see: a voucher to fund travel and explorations to meet the project partners, nourish ourselves on experiences, visions, festivals; anything that can help the candidature project to find the maximum expressive strength in artistic and organizational terms.

Our company responded to the Circulating Entities project within the Roots and routes theme.

We intend to apply our maximum efforts and strengths over the next few years to turn what we have learned about Basilicata into a spectacular poetic tale, leaving a lasting impression in the places from which it originates and in which it arrives.

To start building this route and identify a "great and powerful narrative" we returned to our roots as actors with Emmanuel Gallot-Lavallée our art source and life coach. A "non-master" more precisely that in 2005 resulted in the artistic association between myself and Mimmo Conte, Gommalacca Theatre.

And in the vitality of this process we sought the extraordinary vision of his brother, Didier, co-founder of the Royal-de-Luxe company in Nantes.

Two brothers, inventors of epic narratives, of Giants covered up in sand, of hanging gardens, flags for the windy city, mechanical costumes, headdresses and masks of the subsoil with which, yesterday in a little bar in Happio, between the coloured snails that climb the grey walls of the shopping centre in the Appia we have "upturned the earth", to bring out the underground sounds of a Basilicata made of ash men who have lost their memory, angels and buildings that weep tears of colour.

Emmanuel and Didier, welcome to our dreams, 2019 will be a heavenly year.

Gommalacca Teatro

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