Matera 2019

[r]existenzminimum resisting depopulation, decolonizing imaginaries and reclaiming a narrative. It is a community self-narrative project, through the theme of the existence of certain towns and the resistance of those who live there. The chance to talk about oneself is seen as a real opportunity for emancipation from stereotyped narratives, together with co-designing through the active inclusion of marginalized subjects and the involvement of the community for the creation of a choral and relational work.
Starting from the idea that a community wants to know itself - and to do so it must be able to tell about itself freely, limiting external interventions that alter its vision or show only some aspects, often the best known - we will work through workshops and group activities (territorial explorations, photographic reportage, collection of stories, creation of a community atlas) to create a photographic, textual and sound online archive in a collaborative way that returns a first story of the community and could be easily shared and developed in the future.
We'll promote a choral story, subverting the classic topos of a tourism sponsorship (both on-line and off-line) and social networks campaign: how? Collecting material, connecting people, places and stories, and designing together a final event, in which share and show the results. We'll work on the concept of postcards and billboards, often tools of a stereotyped story (for the point of view they express - usually the non-inhabitants' one; for the places taken up - idealized, in their perfection and beauty; for the terms used - generic and catching buzzwords).
We will therefore work on the one hand on active co-design practices (assemblies, workshops and walks) and on the other hand on material outputs (archive, atlas, story, postcards and billboards) that become enabling devices: tools capable of developing characteristics such as a critical look and narrative skills, something that won't end with the end of the design process, but that are those thousand small enhancements through which real change can take place.

Artist: Piscopo Marco (individual)
Municipality: Forenza (PZ)
Hosting community: Pro Loco
Culture enterprise: compagnia teatrale Gommalacca