Matera 2019

The Last Things is a research project on the historical memory of the city. It is an investigation that starts from the collection of memoirs of some citizens and townsmen, protagonists of the micro stories that marked the evolution and radical changes that the city went through. The Last Things, however, is not intended to be just a celebration of historical memory as much as the possibility of passing it on. A necessary passing of the baton, when the generation that went through the great Wars, fascism and Nazism are coming up short, especially during and after the global pandemic that affects precisely the generation of the elderly and old, the last witnesses of the great historical passages of the 20th century. The project has as its center the transmission of testimony and its reworking: for this reason, it proposes to activate a relational exchange involving two very distant generations by proposing some pairs of people to enter into a relationship. Through the creation of a network, the project will connect an elderly person over 70 together with a young person 12-14 years old, who will exchange stories, drawings, photographs, letters, maps, creating a first collective archive that connects History with the stories and urban spaces of the city, a cartography of memories that connects to storytelling and visual work. Indeed, they are interested not only in the collection of memory but in its possible reinterpretations, which allow its actualization and pass on its agency into the present and future. Audio interviews will accompany writings, drawings, embroideries in order to build different transmission devices. Children’s books, performance walks, visual platforms are some of the possible forms of this research around History and the transformations of the city.

pdf 16x16 The map / The Last Things / Rionero in Vulture

(Soundcloud) - Le ultime cose. Polifonia per Rionero

Artist: Serlenga Anna (individual)
Municipality: Rionero in Vulture (PZ)
Hosting community: Associazione culturale Vulcanica
Culture enterprise: Allelammie