Matera 2019

“Basilicata Calling” – A personal connection to rural Italy. The name “Basilicata Calling” carries two meanings: literally, to see an incoming call, reminiscent of how older generations were waiting for us to stay in touch after we moved away; and figuratively, to experience a strong urge to a particular way of life – like a “calling” – that reflects a desire to connect with the value of our material and immaterial cultural heritage. In November, we want to take Basilicata’s cultural heritage abroad with a series of video calls. Our project opens a digital pathway for European remote workers and Italian expats to engage with the cultural heritage of rural Italy by meeting and interacting directly with its citizens. Within the local community, it triggers a creative and participatory process of storytelling and knowledge-sharing, in which young presenters or “enablers” use technology to interact with experts and help pass on their knowledge to an international audience.

Artist: Happy Place (collective)
Municipality: Tursi (MT)
Hosting community: Tursi Digital Nomads
Culture enterprise: Casa Netural