Matera 2019

During the residency they will invite the community in Basilicata to celebrate their cultural heritage through food, sharing and art. The final outcome of this celebration will be the presentation of various large-scale photomontage artworks installed in community public space. Each of these photomontage works will feature images of a particular community individual/family and a recipe they have created. Through its presentation in public space, the community and broader audience will be encouraged to reflect upon the recipes that hold significant individual/local cultural value, bringing them outside of the home and into public space to be honoured.
The specific visual outcome will consist of a series of 5 large-scale (approx. 3x3 metre) artworks. These artworks will be temporarily installed in the public space of the particular Basilicata community, on a previously empty wall(s). Each artwork will be a surreal photomontage that combines imagery of the local community and their created recipes. All of the images that go into the final artwork will be captured by the artists during the residency period.
The final composition of these various photographic layers will be completed digitally on Photoshop. The photomontage compositions will be a series of celebratory works, playing with scale and form to present the recipe and the recipe's creator alongside each other in a surreal and playful manner. The final compositions will be printed out on paper and glued to a wall in the public space, with help from the local community. Alongside each of these works will be a small text detailing the recipe and people depicted in the work.
Through this work, the local community will be invited to reflect upon their local community and cultural heritage as contained in food. It will also encourage a sharing of stories and multi-sensuous experiences, between the artists and the community. Through the public presentation of this work, the local community will be encouraged to find pride in their heritage and connect with each other in new ways. Through the presentation of the project in the handbook/dossier and the artist’s online presence, this celebration of cultural heritage in rural communities will be brought to a large International outside audience.


pdf 16x16 Project presentation - We Are Here
pdf 16x16 Dossier - We Are Here

Artist: Anne Fehres & Luke Conroy (collective)
Municipality: Stigliano (MT)
Hosting community: appARTEngo
Culture enterprise: Artepollino