Matera 2019

Many events in Matera 2019 will be subject to much wider requests respect to the available seats.

In the need to respect the established capacities we are forced to some limitations.

Due to the limited number of available places, it is not possible to accredit journalists not belonging to the cultural area as well as those who have not been specifically appointed by their own newspaper to carry out journalistic services on the events of Matera2019. Therefore, the request of the director responsible for that specific event for which accreditation is requested is mandatory.

It will not be possible to accredit journalists working for newspapers that are not sold at the newsstands.

To register for the events of Matera2019 and receive the relevant pass, it is necessary to fill in the application form and send it complete in all its parts 20 days before the event. The request does not guarantee the granting of the pass which remains at the discretion of the press office and the organizers on the basis of the availability of seats.

Will be granted as a maximum:

  • NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES: 2 journalists (photographer + journalist) for each newspaper/magazine. Photo reporters are required to follow the same criteria as journalists.
  • TELEVISION: 1 television operator + journalist + lighting technician for each TV channel (The pass permits to the audio-video footage of only three minutes of each event. For different needs it is necessary to make specific agreements with the press office).
  • INTERNET WEBSITES (regularly registered as a newspaper): 1 journalist
  • RADIO/PRESS AGENCIES: 1 journalist 

Every journalist can request accreditation for just 1 event or for a full day if there are multiple events on the same day.

For each event a new request must be made and a new form filled in. The pass is valid only for events for which it was requested.

The program also includes events with a very limited number of audiences. In all cases the entry with the pass will be allowed up to 5/10 minutes before the start if there will still be free capacity at the event, the pass does not give the right to a seat.

The pass reserved for the accredited Press allows access to the various places where the events are held, respecting the authorized capacities and the scheduling times. The Pass, therefore, does not give the right to enter the events after their start and does not give the right to access reserved to the press when not specified or indicated at the entrances.

During the events of Matera 2019 no pass will be issued to those who present themselves in the press room at the entrance with the only press card: it is always necessary to fill in the form within the established time frame.



Pass and ticket control are carried out by volunteers, even from other cities, which often are not able to recognize journalists. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, all the journalists have always to show their passes.


The pick-up point of the passes will be communicated from time to time by the press office of the Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation.