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Matera is a special place, which burns in all of us thoughts and emotions. Here we we realize the basic elements of the universe and the fragility of existence, the cycles of life and death and of natural processes. Here the emptiness and fullness, sound and silence, darkness and light are part of a harmonious whole which inextricably links man to nature: from caves carved in the Murgia plateau to the Center for Space Geodesy, overlooking the same plateau, without interruption.

Since this harmony of life and resist, concrete example of resilience as now, Matera is a candidate in the name of the whole southern Italy, southern Europe and all the southern hemisphere, to express and represent the forgotten cultures , those who have keys and values ​​to unlock a deeper crisis - economic, cultural, social - hence the dominant cultures can not get out.

Starting from the extraordinary experience of settlement of Matera, the age-old tradition that is the heritage of our city, which has been able to recover from a condition very degraded, almost barbaric (like revealed to the world after World War II by the complaint of Carlo Levi) overthrowing his dilemma and turning it into a powerful opportunity in less than fifty years, we intend to work together to create a new "cultural inhabitant", a responsible and aware citizen that means the culture as a common primary good, ethic sum of humanistic, scientific and economic knowledge.

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