Matera 2019

Originally from Puglia, Mara Tamburrano has been passionate about classical literature since her teens, leading her to take, a high school diploma in classical studies. Her in-depth study of Greek and Latin literature and  philosophical and historical subjects enabled her to develop a problem-solving approach in direction from literature to law studies at the Faculty of Law of Aldo Moro University of Bari.

She graduated with honours, with an experimental dissertation on Employment Law focused on the analysis of Apulian law relating professional apprenticeships. She did a period as a trainee lawyer in Taranto, dealing with subjects related to different aspects of civil and administrative law.

She extended her professional skills in the field of public tenders by attending targeted training courses and collaborating with local companies requiring support for the management of internal tendering departments.  After passing the bar exam, she decided to open her own law firm in Massafra.

In 2018,professional unease combined with her innate spiritual dynamism and new ideas, led Mara to enter a public competition which she noticed almost by chance. As a result, she started a new adventure at the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation in the Administration department. She is responsible for directing the thriving creativity of the cultural areas of the Foundation within a rigourous organizational and procedural framework with the aim of finding a perfect harmony between cultural project ideas and the strict procedures needed to implement them.