Bread is of great significance for the people in Matera. If you want to get a taste of it, you have to visit the places where this tradition has been handed down through generations. The try-out of “Breadways", the project co-produced by Matera 2019 and Murgiamadre, took place at the weekend from 1st to 3rd June 2018 along the streets of the district Piccianello. Not only did it highlight the characteristics of the product but also the experiences and the stories related to Matera’s bread.

On Friday and Saturday meetings were held at Palazzo Lanfranchi with Elisava, the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, and ADI, the Association for Industrial Design. The meetings focused on the history and tradition of the baked product, on the socio-cultural aspects and on food considered as a vehicle for expressing culture.

Slow Food Matera, Consorzio Pane di Matera IGP, ARTErìa,, Istituto Comprensivo Ex S.M. "Torraca" and the Association “Il Girasole Onlus” of Matera took part in the project to engage the local community and the targeted public.
The workshop for children “Pane e Marmellata” was held in the inner courtyard of the Primary School “Marconi” and was a sort of food design experiment made with coloured bread, tarallini and other typical baked products which were presented in an innovative way. The educational tour led people through the old bakeries - Perrone in Via Nazionale, Cifarelli, Pace e Pane and De Palo – where they could taste typical products and know more about the traditional ingredients such as the old strains of wheat including the famous “Senatore Cappelli”.

A rich programme of jam sessions was played by local musicians in the alleys of the district Piccianello during the happy hour within the Breadway event: “Musica nei Vicinati”, curated by ARTErìa (associazione d'arte e cultura); “ABBARABBIS MUSICA IMPOPOLARE”, with Piero Pacione, Pasquale Nicoletti and Vanni Saponaro; “Ciniero", with Raffaele Ciniero and Enzo Matera, and “MAMA DUO", with Roberto Masi and Donato Marcosano.

The square “Piazza Marconi” in the district of Piccianello was ‘invaded’ by contemporary public art with the performance “SpolveraMenti” by Francesco Mitarotonda. The artist used tufina, which is the dust from the blocks of tufa stone, to create a mandala on the road depicting Matera 2019 logo and the wheat ears that are drawn along the way.

During the performance “Harinera, panem et circenses” curated by Colectivo Harinera Site-specific, balconies and windows in Piccianello became a theatre stage where traditional folk dances, circus productions and performances of traditional plays took place.
Top national performers were the protagonists of the main evening events. The groove funk-jazz-rock by Municipale Balcanica, former opening band of Iggy Pop at Medimex 2017, enlivened the night on 1st June together with the video-performance by Studio Antani as well as the food and wine stands showing both new and traditional products including the ones suggested by the association Federcuochi of Matera.

On the 2nd June the people in the district of Piccianello experienced the evocative atmosphere of tango with its history and passion as if they were in one of the most fascinating milongas in Buenos Aires, thanks to the performance “Rurale e Lunare – Blues & Tango”, curated by ARTErìa and Vivaverdi Multikulti 2018, with Blue Cat Blues, the Conservatory of Music of Matera – Classes of Chamber Music and MateraTango. The line- up of guests for the night also included Bluecatblues, Traamm, Vince Abbracciante on
accordion and Loredana Paolicelli at the piano.

The initiative #happytogether carried out with the little Aperol Italia truck opened the last evening’s events followed by the performances by the artists “Street Bandi di Ottoni, Percussioni e Piano”, “En Plein Air” and the djset of experimental electronic music by Ancient Vanguard Preview 2018 / Mike Anderson Myla. In “Breadway - le vie del pane” the architecture and the design of the most significant places in the tradition of Matera relived as shared places thanks to the local identity symbols related to food and to the journey along the ‘breadways’ through which culture is still conveyed today.

It was a test for 2019, when all the districts of Matera will be stages of events involving citizens as protagonists.

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